The Virtual 3D Web is a next-generation adaption of a World Wide Web browser developed by Creative 3D Web, our partner. It is made up of a network of interconnected 3D platforms and environments navigated through the use of avatars. Users and e-business will be able to build additional new immersive virtual environments, with enhanced freedoms and within a public and private blockchain infrastructure.

Why is it special?

Current Web 2.0 browser technologies do not adequately support 3D immersive content creation and integration. A new interface is required to meet the needs of a more diverse and creative user who desire a heightened, more visceral and immersive online experience.

Protecting users’ private data within the current web architecture has been a growing problem. Today, people interface with websites and web applications in such haphazard ways that they are left vulnerable to identity theft, personal data siphoning and profiling with outright personal information attacks.

How do we see the solution?

The Virtual 3D Web Browser is the interface through which the Virtual 3D Web is accessed and experienced. The new 3D oriented web architecture combined with its new browsing technology is addressing the above-mentioned problems and gives solutions to them.

We will develop a next-generation Internet web browser that will support cutting edge creative 3D technologies to be used on the platform – Our new browser will transform the web from a network of separately siloed applications and content repositories to a new browser platform that is rich in 3D enabled graphic content, seamless and inter-operable that does not require 3D or virtual reality apparatus.

Creating the platform which will be secure and transparent — The platform will be built on a hybrid of public and private blockchain technologies which will allow the company to support the enhanced performance required for building the platform.

Do you want to know more about our project?

Our CEO Stefan spoke about this project at the Malta ICO Conference. Click on THIS LINK to hear the whole interview.


Author: Dunja Funduk