Nothing beats a good old fashioned success story.

With the help of our software engineering team, in August 2019, our client, Quizando, has successfully launched the world first, Quizando Live, a video streamed quiz game that is hosted by amazing influencers from around the globe.

With Quizando Live, content creators are provided with a unique, fun-filled way to interact with their followers, and not only that, it allows creators to earn cash while directly engaging with their audience! But, that’s not all, the followers themselves can earn money if they win the quizzes, it’s a win-win situation. Quizando already has about 10.000 users!

Cool, right?

Essentially, Quizando Live represents a new experience and form of audience participation which is intended to change social engagement forever. For the first time, content creators can be properly paid for every individual they engage with.

Quizando talent scouts are picking the world’s best influencers & content creators from all niche areas including Gaming, Lifestyle, Travel, Film, TV, Music, Entertainment, Foodies, Sports, Motoring, Fashion, Make Up, Health, Electronics, Politics, Education, Parenting, Business, Comedy & many more!

With the slogan: ‘’Intelligence pays!’’, Quizando invites people to put their money where their mind is and test their knowledge on Live, Survivor, Classics or Freebies quizzes.

How to play Quizando?

Quizando Live, as the name suggests, is hosted live by presenters from all over the world, so participants are, not only able to win money but also have the chance to get up close and personal with the host of the quiz.

Quizando Classics are Quizando’s famous leaderboard quizzes, played hundreds of thousands of times by quiz fans all over the world. Classic quizzes cover wide-ranging topics like history and geography, as well as specific topics like Star Wars and Manchester United. When the quiz reaches its closing date, the total prize pool is divided amongst the winning places.

Quizando Survivor is the real-time quiz where players are competing against each other simultaneously in a bid to become the last one standing and scoop the prize pool.

Quizando Freebies are played in just the same way as the Classics, except they are 100% free!

We are proud and excited to be part of the Quizando journey!

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